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 Accu Laboratory offers services at your convenience. 

 1- methanol preserved for medium/high level

 2- 40ml vials with stir bar for low level

 1- 4 oz jar

  • Responds to project inquiries promptly.
  • Standard 3 business days turnaround time for routine analysis. Rush services are also available at the rate below:

                                48 hour surcharge:        30%

                                24 hour surcharge:        50%

                                Same day surcharge:   100%

                                Pre-arranged weekend service


   Discounts are available for big projects. Please contact us to get a quote.

 Reporting policy

   Format:  1) Standard signed PDF files

                  2)  WDOE EIM  compatible formats such as XML or ASCII  available upon request.

If no special request is stated upon submitting samples, standard reporting (Level I) will be delivered. 

  • Level I: cover letter, copy of COC, method blank, lab control sample, reporting limits, sample analytical results, and duplicate/MS/MSD (may or may not included).

If  level II , III or IV report is required, please call us prior to submitting your samples.


For non-routine testing and special research project, please feel free to contact us!